The Period Collective (TPC) is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization, providing feminine hygiene products to homeless and low-income women throughout the greater Chicago area.


In addition to donating to our cause, there are plenty of ways to get involved with TPC. Whether you have a few hours a week, a month, or a year, we’d love your assistance with fulfilling our mission.


TPC provides pads, tampons, liners, wipes, and incontinence products—partnering with local organizations to distribute products through homeless shelters, transitional housing facilities, prisons, schools, and food banks.


Shelters and food banks very rarely receive donations of feminine hygiene products—and there’s a dire need. These products are not covered by SNAP (Food Stamps). Homeless women can be left to improvise with donated socks or wadded up toilet paper, often with limited access to showers and clean bathrooms.


Documentary About Menstruation Wins Oscar: ‘I’m Not Crying Because I’m on My Period’

The producers of a film about menstruation got emotional — understandably — during Sunday’s Oscars.

After winning the category for Best Documentary Short at the 2019 Academy Awards for their film Period. End of Sentence.the female producers, including Melissa Berton and Rayka Zehtabchi, took the stage to deliver their acceptance speech.


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