Help women in our community get access to the products they need.

Feminine hygiene products are often at the very top of the list of items Chicago-area shelters and food banks say they’re in need of.  Why? Well, they’re expensive when considering the other types of supplies that are often donated, such as non-perishable food items or used clothing from your closet. These are also not the type of items that immediately come to mind when thinking of items to donate. Menstruation is still a taboo topic, which means it is less likely that these items will show up at a donation drive for supplies.

If you’re wondering how you can help women in our community, we have a few options:

Donate funds for

We’re grateful for any amount of monetary contributions we receive—donated money is used to purchase pads, tampons, and other products in bulk. This is the most fiscally responsible way to make sure that we are purchasing the most product that we can with the donations we’re given.

You can also donate supplies via our Amazon Wish List or use our Amazon Smile link while you shop to help support us.



Whether it’s donating products, running a mini-product drive at your place of work or worship, or hosting a drop-off location for feminine hygiene products, we’re appreciative of the following items:

            •          Tampons

            •          Pads

            •          Liners

            •          Wipes

            •          Incontinence Products

            •          Bags

            •          Fabric and ribbon for bags

If you would like to make bags to donate, check out these great instructions

Supplies can be shipped to PO Box 31401
Chicago, IL 60631
or contact us at for information on where they can be dropped off.


Donate your

Products are distributed to shelters, transitional housing facilities, prisons, schools, food banks, homeless organizations, and other partners. We’d love your help with distributing products in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We also need assistance picking up product as well as volunteering at events, counting inventory, data entry, and sewing bags.

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Host an

Another great way to get involved is to host a collection drive or packing event in your local community. To learn more, check out the guide below.


Donate your

Do you know of a charity organization that would benefit from our services, or do you have contacts with companies that would want to partner with us for an event or donation drive? Or, do you have a special skill that would be a good fit for helping out our young organization, such as marketing, graphic design, or accounting? Let us know!



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